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Abbeyford Children’s Home – FAAC Automatic gate service

Due to Gate Safe’s recommendation of a 6 monthly service to all automatic gates Mere UK undertook the service of the vehicle gates at Abbeyford children’s home in St. Helens.

The vehicle automatic gates where install by Mere UK in 2015.

Completion Date: 28/06/19
Project Duration: 1 Day

Scope of works:

  • Service of the existing vehicle entrance gates
  • Risk assessment for the use of both pedestrian and vehicle access for the one gate.
  • Service of the Bellisimo systems video intercom
Abbeyford 1920
Abbeyford 1920
Abbeyford 1921
Abbeyford 1922
Abbeyford 1923
Abbeyford 1925
Abbeyford 1926
Abbeyford 1927
Abbeyford 1928
Abbeyford 1929
Abbeyford 1930
Abbeyford 1931
Abbeyford 1932
Abbeyford 1933
Abbeyford 1935
Abbeyford 1936
Abbeyford 1937
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Design specification of the Automatic vehicle/Pedestrian gates

Do to the sensitive nature of the childrens home Mere UK we asked to supply a solution to ensure the safeguarding of both the chidren and for the carers.

Due to the only one entrance to the home Mere UK automated the existing gates to allow the access for both vehicles and pedestrians, an additional return fence panel was installed to create an opening area for the gates to drive open to.

The vehicle gate has been installed with 2 x FAAC automatic gate operators controlled via a FAAC 455D control panel.

Entry through the vehicle gate to the site is controlled by a bellisimo systems video intercom that has been installed for visitors and deliveries to gain access that is monitored from the schools reception.

Exit from the school vehicle gates is obtained by the use of vehicle induction floor loops installed in the secure area.

An over-ride key switch has been installed to allow for the vehicle gates to be over-ridden.

Mere (UK) are safety trained and Conform to~

  • Machine Directive 2006/42/EEC
  • BS EN12453 – Safety use of power operated doors requirements
  • BS EN12445 – Safety use of power operated doors test methods
  • BS EN12978 – Safety edges
  • BS EN12445 – Force testing

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