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(M1407-28-M) Installation of FAAC Automatic Gates at Paramount Buisness Park

Scope of works:

  • Automation of new vehicle entrance gates
  • Automation of a new single pedestrian gate
  • Installation of Paxton Net2 access control
  • Installation of 2 x videx GSM 12 way audio intercoms
  • Installation of 12 x Hikvision cameras c/w NVR with cloud access (See camera installations)

Paramount Business park consists of 8 x small buisnesses that are owned and maintained by EUROGOLD. Mere UK was asked to design and commission the installation of a new fence design around the Paramount business park incorporating new vehicle and pedestrian swing gates to allow  the control to the access into the business park.

Access to the business park for EUROGOLD staff and tenants are performed by the newly installed Paxton NET2 access control system,  the landlord is able to control the allocation of the access control fobs and are able to input the required access rights and time zones to each individual user.

Visitors and deliveries are controlled by a Videx GSM intercom installed to both the vehicle and the pedestrian entrance gates. Each individual business contact requirements on the business park have been inputted into the Videx GSM intercoms that call direct to the Buisness landline or mobile phone, either way allows the tenents to open the gate via the use of the keypad on their phones.

Vehicle access from the business park is achieved by the use of an exit loop to exit, a safety loop and safety sensors are installed between the gates to not allow the close over if activated, Safety edges are installed if pedestrians attempt to walk through the vehicle gates and will reverse if collided with an obstruction.

Exiting from the pedestrian gate is obtained by the use of a weather proof exit dome button located on a high visibility pedestal, Safety sensors and safety edges are installed if pedestrians stop whilst the gate at closure and will reverse if collided with an obstruction.

An over-ride key switch has been installed to allow for the vehicle and pedestrian gates to be over-ridden.

Mere (UK) are safety trained and Conform to~

Machine Directive 2006/42/EEC
BS EN12453 – Safety use of power operated doors requirements
BS EN12445 – Safety use of power operated doors test methods
BS EN12978 – Safety edges
BS EN12445 – Force testing

At Mere UK we ensure that the design and installation are in compliance with regulations and the new EU Machinery Directive 98/37/EC and 2006/42/EC.

A Risk assessment of all Mere UK installation are done prior to any installation and a full risk assessment is submitted on completion with a 32 point conformity check list.


Completion Date: 01/12/17
Project Duration: 3 Weeks

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