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The Arch G.U.M Huyton Barrier Installation (June 19)

Mere UK was commissioned as a FAAC approved installer to design and install the automatic barrier system to the Arch G.U.M Clinic Huyton In Liverpool, the design was to control the vehicle access to the visitor car park. 

The FAAC 640 hydraulic barrier system with a 7 metre beam was the design choice due to its robust design and use in commercial applications. The 640 range includes anti-crush hydraulics, a secure locking system for open and closed positions c/w manual release.

A Videx video intercom has been installed for visitors and deliveries to gain access that is monitored from the clinic reception.

Exiting from the car park is achieved by the use of underground induction loops where the 640 FAAC barrier detects the approaching vehicles which automatically open the barrier and allows quick and safe entry. An over-ride key-switch has been installed to allow for the vewhicle barrier to be over-ridden.

The FAAC product range are MERE UK’s preferred choice of gate and barrier installation

At Mere UK we ensure that the design and installation are in compliance with regulations and the new EU Machinery Directive 98/37/EC and 2006/42/EC.


Completion Date: 09/06/17
Project Duration: 1 Week

Scope of works:

  • Removal of the existing barrier
  • Installation of new barrier base and induction loops
  • Installation of a Videx intercom system
TheArch 1768
TheArch 1769
TheArch 1770
TheArch 1771
TheArch 1772
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TheArch 1775
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TheArch 1777
TheArch 1778
TheArch 1779
TheArch 1780
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