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Installation of 3 x FAAC S418 auto gate operators at St. Hughs Primary School in Wavertree Liverpool.

The Auto gates are controlled by Net2 Paxton access control to access the school and create safeguarding with the use of programmed time zones to allow parent pick up.
At Mere UK we ensure that the design and installation are in compliance with regulations and the new EU Machinery Directive 98/37/EC and 2006/42/EC.

Completion Date: 24/08/16
Project Duration: 4 Weeks

Scope of works:

  • Installation of 3 x S418 FAAC Auto Gate Operator
  • Installation of 3 x  Paxton Net2 access control
  • Installation of 2 x Bellisimo video intercoms
StHughs 2573
StHughs 2573
StHughs 2578
StHughs 2580
StHughs 2581
StHughs 2582
StHughs 2583
StHughs 2591
StHughs 2592
StHughs 2599
StHughs 2600
StHughs 2602
StHughs 2604
StHughs 2606
StHughs 2608
StHughs 2609
StHughs 2610
StHughs 2612
StHughs 2618
StHughs 2619
StHughs 2573StHughs 2578StHughs 2580StHughs 2581StHughs 2582StHughs 2583StHughs 2591StHughs 2592StHughs 2599StHughs 2600StHughs 2602StHughs 2604StHughs 2606StHughs 2608StHughs 2609StHughs 2610StHughs 2612StHughs 2618StHughs 2619

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