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Reducing algae and foul odours, Mere UK had been commissioned to improve the water quality at Victoria Park in St. Helens.

We specified ‘Otterbine’ the manufacturers of lake and pond products that goes to the extremes of having its aerating fountains, industrial aerators.   Otterbine have the unit, cable and Power Control Center safety-tested and approved by ETL, and ETL-C, units are CE approved.  This commitment to safety offered us the security of knowing that we can trust the equipment while it is running in the water.

Completion Date: 09/09/16
Project Duration: 2 Weeks

VictoriaPark 1
VictoriaPark 1
VictoriaPark 2
VictoriaPark 0008
VictoriaPark 3184
VictoriaPark 3185
VictoriaPark 3187
VictoriaPark 3188
VictoriaPark 3189
VictoriaPark 3190
VictoriaPark 3191
VictoriaPark 3192
VictoriaPark 3193
VictoriaPark 3194
VictoriaPark 3195
VictoriaPark 3196
VictoriaPark 3197
VictoriaPark 3198
VictoriaPark 3199
VictoriaPark 3200
VictoriaPark 3201
VictoriaPark 3202
VictoriaPark 3203
VictoriaPark 3204
VictoriaPark 3205
VictoriaPark 3206
VictoriaPark 3207
VictoriaPark 1VictoriaPark 2VictoriaPark 0008VictoriaPark 3184VictoriaPark 3185VictoriaPark 3187VictoriaPark 3188VictoriaPark 3189VictoriaPark 3190VictoriaPark 3191VictoriaPark 3192VictoriaPark 3193VictoriaPark 3194VictoriaPark 3195VictoriaPark 3196VictoriaPark 3197VictoriaPark 3198VictoriaPark 3199VictoriaPark 3200VictoriaPark 3201VictoriaPark 3202VictoriaPark 3203VictoriaPark 3204VictoriaPark 3205VictoriaPark 3206VictoriaPark 3207

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