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Elevating Security and Access Control at Wigan and Leigh College Performing Arts Department with Automatic Glass Turnstiles

Introduction: The Wigan and Leigh College Performing Arts Department, renowned for its dedication to artistic education and creativity, recognized the need for an access control solution that ensured security and streamlined access while preserving an inviting atmosphere for students, staff, and visitors. To meet these objectives, the department initiated a project to install state-of-the-art access control systems, including Automatic Systems Slim Lane turnstiles, with enhanced features.

Completion Date: 04/10/21
Project Duration: 2 Weeks

Client: Wigan and Leigh College Performing Arts Department
Location: Wigan, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

Project Overview:

  • Slim Lane Turnstiles: A bank of Automatic Systems Slim Lane turnstiles was installed, comprising one SL940 Slim (standard width lane) and one SL950 (wide lane).
  • Housings: Three housings were strategically placed to house the control units and electronics for the turnstiles.
  • Glass Obstacles: The turnstiles featured 900mm high glass obstacles, enhancing both security and aesthetics.
  • Enhanced Protection Cells: Protection cells were integrated to ensure the continual safety of children under 1000mm tall, addressing the diverse user population of the college.
  • Enhanced Detection Cells: Detection cells were incorporated, allowing users to smoothly pass through with trolleys, bags, and other items, enhancing convenience.
  • Cabling and Ground Preparation: All necessary cabling and ground preparation were executed, ensuring a seamless installation process, with the finish floor level (FFL) serving as a reference point.
  • Floor Upgrades: The project included the removal of the existing tiled floor area and the installation of new heavy-duty matting, offering durability and aesthetics.
  • Paxton Net2 Access Control: Paxton Net2 access control was installed to allow secure entry and exit from the arts center, enhancing overall control and monitoring capabilities.

Implementation: The project began with meticulous planning and a site assessment with David Duffy from Automatic Systems who advised and informed the placement of turnstiles, housings, and cabling requirements. The removal of the existing tiled floor area and the installation of heavy-duty matting were seamlessly integrated with the turnstiles. The Automatic Systems Slim Lane turnstiles were meticulously installed, ensuring a harmonious integration into the college’s environment.

1. Enhanced Security: The Automatic Systems Slim Lane turnstiles significantly improved security, minimizing unauthorised access and ensuring a safe learning and working environment.
2. Efficient Access Control: The combination of Paxton Net2 access control and the turnstiles allowed for streamlined and controlled entry and exit, reducing congestion and bottlenecks.
3. User-Friendly Experience: The turnstiles featured an intuitive design, with enhanced protection cells ensuring safe use and allowing for convenient passage with luggage or equipment.
4. Aesthetic Upgrade: The glass obstacles and modern design of the turnstiles along with complimentary flooring contributed to an aesthetic upgrade of the college’s performing arts department.
5. Durability: The installation included heavy-duty matting, providing long-term durability and easy maintenance.

Conclusion: The Wigan and Leigh College Performing Arts Department’s installation of Automatic Systems Slim Lane turnstiles, combined with Paxton Net2 access control, has significantly elevated security, access control efficiency, and user experience. The project successfully achieved its objectives, allowing the college to maintain a safe, welcoming environment while embracing modern technology. This investment exemplifies the college’s commitment to providing a secure and aesthetically pleasing learning and artistic environment for its students and staff.



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