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LED Lighting Solution At Local School

Mere UK have just completed the installation of new LED lighting solution with suspended ceilings in the main reception area, Year 1, & Year 2 classrooms at Holy Spirit RC Primary School in St. Helens.

The aim was to reduce noise in the classrooms that the high ceiling was contributing to, the new ceiling height is approximately 3m, leaving a 1m void behind. The new acoustic tile absorbs the sound, & have reduced background noise.

The classrooms have had 10 new 600×600 Led panels fitted. The light switching is now controlled by a microwave absence detector. The installation is all controlled by a 10 Way ceiling grid marshalling unit, providing a neat & compact installation.

Both classrooms had a new Apollo XP95 smoke detectors fitted on the ceiling, & in the ceiling void as the depth exceeded 800mm. The projectors were also re-installed after the new ceiling was erected.

The reception area had 6 new recessed 2×26 watt drop glass down-lights fitted. The exit sign was replaced with an LED fitting.

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