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Security Services

Intruder & Panic Attack alarms

Our experience has shown that security systems must be individually designed, professionally installed and regularly maintained. As part of our design process we will assess the particular risks your premises and operations present .

We will ensure that your system is user-friendly, simple, trouble-free and effective at protecting your business, employees, visitors, information and assets.

All intruder systems are designed, installed and maintained in full compliance with the relevant British Standard and NSI (NACOSS) codes of practice and ACPO Policies.

CCTV systems

Mere (UK) can provide the complete CCTV surveillance system service, including consultation, installation, maintenance and design of a wide range of high performance, top quality solutions suitable for an extremely diverse range of situations. Our installations include educational environments, hospitals, retail outlets and manufacturing amenities.

Mere (UK) has a wealth of experience in all aspects of CCTV so weather you need a simple camera solution or a complex IP CCTV installation we will provide a professional and reliable service.

We also offer various methods of remote access whether a LAN, WAN, Virtual Private Network (VPN) or traditional land-line solution, Mere (UK) has the resources to provide video data viewing, review, storage and distribution of data and images between users and sites.

Access Control

Access control offers a secure, convenient, flexible and cost effective way of controlling who has access rights to your premises and when this access is allowed. By offering a wide range of different manufacturers’ products and systems we feel that we can provide the perfect security solution for premises, and organisations large and small, for all applications whether you require a single door application or a fully integrated solution.

We are experienced in systems such as Janus, Paxton, PAC and Siemens that utilise all types of reading technologies such as magnetic stripe, proximity, smart cards from Diester.

Automatic Entrance Systems

Mere (UK) specialize in the supply, fitting and maintenance of door systems and entrances. We also provide parking management solutions and secure access for vehicle and pedestrian applications. Our wide range of products guarantees we’ll have a suitable solution for you.

Emergency & Nurse Call Systems

Mere (UK) offer a wide range of Nurse-Call Systems irrespective of the manufacturer, all our nurse call systems are tailored to the clients specific nurse call requirements which also include staff attack systems for the protection of your staff.

The range of Call Points and Audio & Visual display units available provides a comprehensive and flexible offering:

  • Individual Patient Call-Point
  • Optional Patient Pendant Call Cords
  • Over-Door Indicators with Prioritised Colour Coding
  • Digital Room Number Enunciators
  • Call Station Indicates Staff Presence
  • Two-Way Signalling and Speech Communications
  • Radio Paging Interfacing to Pocket Pagers
  • Fire System Interfacing


Contact Info

T: 01744 7502698
M: 07971688587 (Paul)
M: 07981621941 (Terry)

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