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Paxton Net10 training course

Mere UK are currently attending the new Paxton Net10, which will become available to installers at the end of the year.

Paxton Net2 products have been installed into many sized businesses for their security requirements.

Paxton Net2 systems are the recommended access control solutions for Mere UK and we are sure that Paxton Net10 will be as great a success as the Paxton Net2.
Paxton Net2 is solely access control whereas Paxton Net10 offers access control complete with integrating IP video management and building automation to streamline the management of buildings. Using conventional RFID tokens or Bluetooth smart devices.

Paxton Net10 offers powerful tools for giving specific permissions to individuals and groups of people.

Paxton Net10 works in conjunction with all types of IP cameras in order to facilitate live viewing and the recording of video footage. It also interfaces with existing building infrastructure for a high level of control over lighting, heating, air conditioning, intruder and fire alarms, ensuring maximum efficiency and bolstering cost and time savings.



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