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  1. This quotation will remain open for a period of 30 days from the date of this quotation, and we reserve the right to amend or withdraw it.
  2. This quotation is strictly net and excludes VAT.
  3. Main Contractor’s discount is included in the quotation.
  4. We reserve the right to review our rates in the event of quantities and/or specification varying from those on which our quotation has been based.
  5. Unless otherwise stated in the quotation our terms are strictly net accompanying the written order and the remaining balance being payable within 30 days after the date of the invoice or valuation claim. In the case of contracts of more than the 30-day duration, application for payment will be rendered monthly and payable within 14 days there from. We reserve the right to charge interest at ‘statutory interest’ 8% plus the Bank of England base rate for business-to-business transactions per day on overdue accounts.
  6. We do not accept contract retention being held against us.
  7. Unless expressly stated to the contrary, this quotation is based on the cost of labour, fuels, transport, materials, and Government taxes current at the date hereon. We reserve the right to pass on to you any increase in cost subsequent to that date which is due to these factors.
  8. We have allowed for one uninterrupted visit for installation. Any additional visits will be charged at £70.00 per hour to cover travel and set up costs.
  9. Our quotation is based on work being carried out during our normal working hours. No allowance has been made for weekend or holiday working, or other restricted working periods. Any work required by our client to be carried out outside normal working hours will be charged at an extra rate. Likewise, any variation to the programme by our client, which necessitates working outside normal working hours to accomplish the work, will be charged accordingly.
  10. Mere UK Ltd is not responsible for obtaining any statutory permissions or approvals.
  11. Any delivery time given is from receipt of purchase order and issue drawings. The Client is responsible for obtaining all necessary licence permits or authorities, etc required in connection with the execution of the work, and for all charges arising there from. All technical data, templates etc to be supplied free of charge to us prior to manufacture.
  12. Materials manufactured to specific delivery dates which cannot be accepted on site due to circumstances outside our control will be paid for by the Client. A storage charge will also be made while the goods are stored prior to delivery. A charge will also be made for all irrecoverable expenses incurred (such as transport costs) where specific delivery dates are subsequently altered.
  13. We do not accept responsibility for any damage to unprotected metal works installed in buildings which have not been adequately covered. No responsibility is accepted for damage due to excessive conditions of heat and humidity, either in their installed location or in storage on site prior to installation.
  14. All goods and materials supplied by us shall remain our property (notwithstanding that such goods and materials may have been delivered to site and/or have been incorporated in the works) until we have received payment in full for all sums due to us from you. Until the transfer of title, we shall be entitled to recover our goods or materials at any time and you are hereby deemed to have given us any such approval, as we shall require, to enter any site in order to recover the same.
  15. Cancellation of order will result in our client being responsible for all costs incurred in processing the order up to the date of receipt of written cancellation. In addition, our Client will be responsible for costs incurred in the cancellation of order to our suppliers, in respect of materials procured to facilitate said order, and for any other costs or expenses incurred up to the date of cancellation.
  16. Testing of welds, welding and materials is not included in our offer.
  17. Variations to orders will be required to be issued in writing and our client will be responsible for all costs involved in any works carried out on the original order up to the time of receiving such instruction. In addition, our client will be responsible for costs incurred in the amendment of our order to our suppliers in respect of materials procured to facilitate said order. We will not be held responsible for delays to the contract due to the effect of any such variations and their incorporation into our works programme.
  18. All on site attendances i.e. 110-volt power supply, welfare facilities etc, to be provided free of charge to Mere UK Ltd for the duration of the contract. Concrete, brickwork, grouting, waterproofing and other builder’s work is excluded from our estimate. Removal and disposal of site debris to be by others on completion. No drilling of reinforced concrete is included in our estimate. No timber is included in our offer unless stated otherwise, if so, no rising wreath details or finishing will have been allowed for.
  19. We would require site to be clear of any obstructions that would interrupt our fitting of our works. All scaffolding, hoisting, crane age equipment, edge protection, etc, required to allow us to execute our works in a safe manner, including all alterations, extensions, adaptations, etc, as required will require to be provided to us free of charge.
  20. Mere UK Ltd will not be held liable for, nor will we be prepared to accept, an apportioned part of any such liquidated and ascertained damages that may become due to the client under the conditions of contract.
  21. Where named products have been specified, we reserve the right to substitute other brands of equal quality.
  22. Temporary weather protection, required to allow us to carry out installation during inclement weather, is to be provided to us including altering, amending, and moving as required, free of charge by the Main Contractor.
  23. Our Commercial Combined Company Insurance is set at a level of £10 Million. It is the responsibility of our client to request additional cover if required, and a cost will apply.
  24. Above Conditions of Sale, which shall remain binding unless otherwise agreed in writing by Mere UK Ltd.
  25. Where drawings are included in our offer this is one production drawing and one revision from comments made in return.
    Any revision required owing to further comments to our drawings will be charged at our drawing office hourly rate.
  26. Our terms of sale prevail over our customer’s contracts whether or not they have been signed by Mere UK employee(s).
  27. Therefore, we do not accept paid when paid clauses in any event including the Employers Insolvency Exception HGCR 1996 section 113 and all retentions.
  28. It is our understanding that on Receipt of a purchase order our terms and conditions are accepted.
  29. Failure to return this agreement within 30 days we will confirm if you will not be accepting the maintenance agreement offered.
  30. Delivery/Installation dates, where given and are based on current order levels and the availability of materials/components at the time of quotation. Actual estimated delivery/installation dates will be provided on receipt of an Official, detailed, and commercially acceptable purchase order along with any approved drawings and/or supporting documentation. Mere (UK) accept no liability for any losses or costs incurred due to delivery out with any schedules provided.
  31. All work will be completed on steps and ladders, unless otherwise stated within the quotation.
  32. New Accounts/Customers: STRICTLY: by Pro-forma Invoice.
  33. Historical Late Paying Customers: STRICTLY: by Pro-forma Invoice.
  34. Account Customers: STRICTLY: Unless by prior arrangement/ agreement unless otherwise stated in the quotation our terms are strictly net accompanying the written order and the remaining balance being payable within 30 days after the date of the invoice or valuation claim. In the case of contracts of more than one month’s duration, application for payment will be rendered monthly and payable within 14 days therefrom. 
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