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Grange Valley School – FAAC Auto Gates

Grange Valley Primary School – FAAC Automatic Gate Installation

Mere UK have just completed and commissioned the Installation of 2 x FAAC automatic gate operators controlled via a FAAC 455D control panel.
The system is controlled by Paxton Net2 access control programmed using Paxton Net Professional software which has been installed on the school server with Client software installed on the reception workstations to allow staff to control the gates.

The gates are integrated with the fire alarm that opens the vehicle gates in the event of a full fire alarm.
Additional access is gained by deliveries by the use of a bell systems intercom that is monitored in the main admin reception.
The FAAC gates automatically open when a vehicle activates the induction floor loop to exit the secure area.

The vehicle gates have been designed to not allow pedestrian access through the gates so an additional access control pedestrian gate has been installed which is controlled by Paxton Net2 with Paxton P50 proximity readers and an external grade maglock.

The pedestrian gate automatically closes with the installation a gate closer.

Mere (UK) are safety trained and Conform to~

  • Machine Directive 2006/42/EEC
  • BS EN12453 – Safety use of power operated doors requirements
  • BS EN12445 – Safety use of power operated doors test methods
  • BS EN12978 – Safety edges
  • BS EN12445 – Force testing

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