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a) Customers on our maintenance scheme are entitled to any number of visits within one year relating to genuine non-malicious faults that have occurred on their equipment, and they will be prioritised ahead of non-maintenance customers in this regard. Our response is for an engineer to arrive within 8hrs of a customer’s request for service.

b)You will be charged for replacement of faulty parts only. Under the maintenance scheme Mere UK will carry out free of labour charge any service call necessitated by failure of any part of the system due to fair wear and tear.

Excludes free labour resulting from any of the items below:-

Attempted or actual intrusions, alterations to the System or premises, damage caused by the customer or its agents, its employees or a third party, power failure, telecoms failure, fire, flood, lightning, water damage, Act of God, war, invasion, civil disorder, riot, explosion, or force majeure

Included in the maintenance scheme there is two preventative maintenance visits per annum at the client’s initiation, at which time we will carry out the following tasks where appropriate:

  • The re adjustment of viewing camera angles
  • Testing of external camera housings
  • Checking of all mechanical fixings, brackets, towers and PTZ functions where appropriate
  • Cleaning of all camera lenses and housings where appropriate
  • Report on any temporary obscuring of camera images e.g. growing trees and bushes
  • Check bandwidth and camera parameters
  • Clean all video display monitors with anti-static solution
  • Adjust time and date display as required, and check equipment parameter settings
  • Carry out test reviewing of recordings and advise on best practice
  • Visual check video data connections between all control equipment re-terminate and crimp as required
  • Test all remote video transmission equipment, ensuring correct operation
  • Provide a report on the condition of the overall installation 
  • Advise on latest data protection or appropriate legislation
  • Advise on the latest equipment available to improve the functionality of the installation
  • Install any additional user login and training requirements to the CCTV system
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