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Abbeyford school / FAAC Auto Gates  

Abbeyford School – FAAC Automatic Gate Installation

Mere UK have just completed and commissioned the vehicle entrance at Abbeyford school in St.Helens.

All the control equipment of the system has been installed in the schools basement area as access is local to the gates.

A dedicated 240v supply has been installed.
The systems is controlled by the use of a  bell systems intercom so access can be gained by deliveries and visitors.

These automatic gates have been designed to not allow pedestrian access so Pedestrians have been diverted away from the automated vehicle entrance by directing pedestrians to a single manual gas closing pedestrian gate entrance.

The vehicle gate has been installed with 2 x FAAC automatic gate operators controlled via a FAAC E124 control panel.

Entry to the site is by an ACT10 stand alone keypad for staff and a Bellissimo video intercom has been installed for visitors and deliveries to gain access that is monitored from the schools reception.

Exit from the school is obtained by the use of vehicle induction floor loops installed in the secure area.

an over-ride key switch has been installed to allow for the vehicle gates to be over-ridden.



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